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1. What is pre-sales registration for?

VCI S.A.: Used to guarantee your quota. The first who make the registration will have access to different pre-launch values and will be able to choose their unit (s) first.

2. Is it a hotel or a second-home residential development?

VCI S.A.: Both. There will be the hotel part and there will be, also, apartments and houses. These will have their units sold in a fractional way, where each fraction / quota will be entitled to use two weeks a year.


3. Can I choose the weeks when I use it?

VCI S.A.: No. Each quota already has its weeks fixed and tabulated, not being possible to change. Obviously, quotas that cover holidays such as New Year, Christmas and holidays will be more expensive.


4. If I want to use more than two weeks a year, can I buy more quotas / fractions?

VCI S.A.: Yes. You can buy as many quotas as you like, as long as it has availability.


5. Why buy quotas if I can pay for hotel rates?

VCI S.A.: Daily rates at 5-star hotels are usually expensive, and they do not generate equity. It is simply a spent.

6. Can I sell my quota?

VCI S.A.: Yes, your quota is a patrimony. Like any property, it has deed, registration and registration. In addition, your quota can value, allowing a greater value of resale.


7. Will I need to spend on decor, electronics and appliances

VCI S.A.: No. The property is delivered fully furnished and decorated, with automation system of last generation and complete equipment, with international standard of Hard Rock Hotels. It's come and enjoy.


8. Can I use the Hotel structure and services?

VCI S.A.: Yes, just like any guest.


9. Who is at the forefront of this venture and who will ensure the proper administration of quotas, hotel operation and maintenance of the structure?

VCI S.A.: It´s managed and administered by Hard Rock Group.


10. How much will a quota cost me?

VCI S.A.: The prices start at R $ 58 thousand for quota of an apartment of 61 m² with sea view and use for up to 6 people.

As for the houses, the values of the quotas start at R $ 133 thousand, for a house of 270 m2 with 2 bedrooms, private pool deck, living room, dining room, toilet, American kitchen and laundry area.



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