Rua Desembargador Nogueira, 1080 - Fortaleza /CE | CEP: 60170-002  |  (+55 11) 2787-6362

CNPJ: 24.241.659/0001-06

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Hard Rock Hotel Caldas Novas - GO

PROJECT Work Progress - IMAGES 2018

PROJECT WORK STATS - Hard Rock Hotel Caldas Novas


Former Caldas Novas Country Club, Goiás State.








"We act in a multisectoral way: we seek opportunities where we have differentiated knowledge through our activities, experience and networking.
This competitive differential, which is part of the structure of all our businesses, makes us succeed in our projects. "

Samuel Sicchierolli 

Co-Founder & CEO

The Company is registered in the CVM as Category B, complying with the most stringent requirements of CVM Instruction 480.