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VCI Participações Ltda, CNPJ No. 20.278.095 / 0001-17, a holding company of Venture Capital Participações e Investimentos S.A partners,

believes in the potential of its invested companies, to add value in the company's results delivery chain.

QUANTUM Fractional & Real Estate Intelligence


Quantum is the ultimate intelligence for fractional & real estate. 


It is the first shared real estate sales portal in Brazil that will market all VCI Group hotels.


It is a technology company that supplies high-tech tailor-made solutions, with an emphasis on business digital transformation, UX / customer experience, business intelligence, mobile, augmented / virtual reality and residential / commercial automation as well as Consulting Service and Application Management, supported by the company's partner companies in Technology and Telecommunications. 

It results on customer relationship enrichment within UX most Modern Processes, offering custom solutions. We offer a 360 degree business transformation to our customers convenience.

We are basedin Brazil and we are present in Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Angola, UK and USA.
A Attiq is a VCI Holding company -


FISA - Future Investments S.A.

FISA is AREA DEVELOPER, hired from the main global hotel chains, operating in Brazil and Latin America.

EKOS BRASIL Engineering


EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA, a Brazilian company with presence in all national territory, has the permanent commitment to customer satisfaction,

the generation of value for its partners and sustainable development.


Acting for more than twelve years in the national scenario, the company develops projects and provides services in the areas of Engineering & Construction, Industry, Infrastructure, Energy and Housing, always creating integrated, innovative and relevant solutions for its clients and the community.


The Business Culture EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA, has as one of the fundamental principles the good communication between Leader and Leader. We prioritise transparency in our business relationships, professionalism, respect, ethics and seriousness in conducting the business in which the company is involved.


EKOS BRASIL ENGENHARIA holds ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System, in addition to being affiliated to the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy - CREA, and to the Architecture and Urbanism Council - CAU.


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SBY - Solutions for Enterprises


SBY is one of the 3 largest companies in the hotel implantation market in Brazil.


SBY is a company focused on importation, purchasing, assembling and implementation of hotel projects.


The company has a high capacity from the execution of the interior design, to the final assembly and maintenance reports of the equipment, furniture and utensils on the project.

TRIADZ - Hotel Management


The company was approved to manage several international brands, as well as the home service management.

Currently it has 3,220 apartments under management and more than 680 direct employees.

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